400 Spectrum Center reflects Irvine’s high-tech growth

A company that specializes in artificial intelligence will occupy six floors of the newly opened 400 Spectrum Center – burnishing Irvine’s reputation as a high-tech hub.

Cylance, which uses artificial intelligence to thwart cyber attacks, will occupy floors 6 through 11, and add its name atop the modern 21-story tower.

“Apple, Google, all these major artificial intelligence companies are out there recruiting this same highly selective talent pool,” Cylance marketing VP Shaun Walsh says. “This facility is one of our strategic weapons to get them to come to Irvine.”

400 Spectrum Center opens a year after its sister building, 200 Spectrum Center, opened nearby. Both feature floor-to-ceiling Viracon glass, smart elevators, fitness and wellness centers and outside common areas with fire pits, free WiFi and dining areas.

“It is a thrill to stand in 400 Spectrum Center and see the full view of our wonderful city,” Irvine Mayor Don Wagner said during opening ceremonies on the 21st floor. “We are reminded of what a great place Irvine is to live, work, and play.”